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Burnaby Matters

Burnaby Matters has been compiled to assist in searching for historical information in Burnaby publications. It provides citations only – please ask at the Metrotown second-floor information desk for access to these articles and documents.

"Advertiser" series (North Burnaby)
Advertiser 29-Mar-1935 to 7-Oct-1938
Burnaby Advertiser 14-Oct-1938 to 26-Sep-1963
Burnaby News Advertiser 3-Oct-1963 to 17-Jun-1964
Burnaby News 25-Jun-1964 to 16-Jul-1964

"Examiner" series
Examiner 7-Jan-1965 to 15-Jul-1965
Burnaby Examiner 5-Aug-1965 to 9-Jun-1966

"Courier" series (South Burnaby)
Burnaby Courier 28-Aug-1953 to 30-Jun-1966
Courier Examiner¹ 23-Jun-1966 to 17-Aug-1967
Burnaby Examiner 24-Aug-1967 to 5-Mar-1970
Burnaby Today 23-Oct-1979 to 14-Nov-1983
Burnaby Now (formerly Burnaby Today) 21-Nov-1983 to 2-Feb-2003
Sunday News 1-Jan-1989 to 26-Aug-1990
Burnaby and New Westminster News 25-Jan-1989 to 10-Mar-1991
Burnaby News 13-Mar-1991 to 28-Jan-1996
Burnaby News Leader 31-Jan-1996 to 17-Dec-2005

¹In June 1966, the Burnaby Courier merged with the Burnaby Examiner to form the Burnaby Courier Examiner.

Other Burnaby documents
Clerk/Committee/Mayoral Reports (CCMR) 1988 to 4-Apr-2005
Municipal Manager's Reports to Council (MMRC) 1984 to 21-Feb-2005
Information Burnaby newsletter 1974 to 1989

BPL has a few other Burnaby newspapers from various years (1926 to 1937, 1938 to 1954, and 1972 to 1980) that are not included in this index. See complete microfilm holdings [PDF].

Burnaby Now is available in full text from Canadian Newsstand, 2002 to present. Burnaby News Leader is also available in full text from Canadian Newsstand, 2004 to present.

Burnaby council documents are also indexed on the City of Burnaby Council Information website.

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